Our technology driven products change the paradigm of sublimating on blank garments. Our combination of innovation and applications of technology allows our customers to receive the highest dye sublimation production quality possible. Keep reading to determine exactly what makes our blanks the best.


Results of a finished garment crafted with a  blank sold by a leading competitor. Sublimated with an all-over digital image  on a flat press. As you can see the results leave much to be desired.

​Finished product purchased from a major Apparel Brand. Once Again, voids are very pronounced in the armpit region.

Super Sublimation "SuperCrew" original blank sublimated on a wide format heat press. Notice that there is absolutely zero drop out or voids even in the most difficult region - the armpit.

Our revolutionary Zero Void™ Technology is a paradigm shift in the way allover print on blank substrates is viewed by the industry today. Gone are the days where it is commonplace that utilizing blanks will only yield “good” results. Dye sublimation manufacturers and consumers alike deserve better – they deserve perfection.​

Every subtle curve and angle of the Super Sublimation blanks were meticulous groomed for the absolutely perfect geometry that allows the blank to lay completely and utterly flat front to back. The result is the only suite of blank apparel products on the market that yield 100% color saturation on both front and rear with absolutely no voids or dropouts. Armed with only a flat heat press a manufacturer can now achieve results that surpass the quality previously only reserved for cut&sew garment making.​

Equally as important to the ability to be printed on is the garment fitment. Our team of pattern development experts have established cuts of shirts that are innovative, fashion forward, and specifically tailored to both Men and Women. Not only do our shirts print superior to anything on the market but we achieve this while maintaining a core focus on offering the most appealing cuts of shirts that fit a wide array of individuals.


100% Polyester fabric that is so incredibly soft that it's often mistaken for cotton.

Our trade secret fabric was developed specifically for sublimation printing with industry experts over the course of a year. The blend of materials and processes used in the fabric production yields a polyester fabric unlike any other. Not only does it feel amazing it also is formulated for optic printing, durability, and pill resistance.


The new age of  Print On Demand Dye Sublimation is here.

Manufacturers no longer need to resort to cut&sew production methods to avoid defects and drop outs in the finished product. Perfection is entirely achievable through undecorated garments.

Launching and maintaining a full cut&sew operation is a steep learning curve and can be very daunting for sublimation business owners. It requires indepth knowledge of production sewing, capital to invest in equipment, highly detailed patterns, a skilled labor force, a well synced operation, etc. For all of these reasons it has always been problematic for dye sublimation manufacturers who want the cut&sew quality but simply cannot take the plunge for one or many reasons.  The combination of Zero Void™ technology and Layflat Construction in the Super Sublimation blanks eradicates this quandary.

Manufacturers can now offer premium quality without the headache of cut&sew operation while retaining all the benefits of production on a blank. No special equipment or techniques are needed to achieve these results. Only a wide format heat press and a Super Sublimation original blank.  Super Sublimation also provides digital templates purpose built oo match your beautiful artwork to the blanks with perfection each and every time.


When it comes to performing all-over dye sublimation on blanks one of the most critical elements to print quality is the ability of the substrate to lay flat. All Super Sublimation blanks have been derived on the foundation of this belief. During initial research and development phases a flatness factor was used to ensure that every construction aspect of the shirt conformed to our strict standards. The unique flatness of our garments allows levels of quality that were currently unknown from blanks.

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